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It’s not about what you wear, but what you know.

Our Philosophy

LeiL was born from a desire to become the next generation in jewellery. With an architecture and jewellery background, our aim is to reinvigorate structural integrity and beautiful design within the industry when producing sustainable, ethical fine jewellery. We believe in the purity of truth and seek to empower you with the knowledge to make truly informed decisions about what you wear.

Rather than focusing on just the aesthetics, LeiL fuses simple elegance and technical precision within our sustainable, ethical jewellery pieces and diamonds. We focus on discarding the unnecessary to create structurally sound, timeless, lab-grown jewellery designs made to last a lifetime.

LeiL believes in the power of knowledge; that it’s not about what you wear, but what you know. We aim to embrace radical transparency to empower you with the knowledge to purchase with intent and conviction, always. All of our lab-grown diamonds, ethical engagement rings, wedding bands and jewellery pieces are sustainably sourced and made. This means that every element of a LeiL creation is carefully considered, with wearability and longevity in mind. We’re dedicated to placing your values’ first.

This philosophy flows through from our processes to a belief in the talented individuals behind our brand, down to each of the individual components in our designs.

LeiL fine jewellery pieces are sustainably sourced and designed for the benefit of the wearer and the life lived around the jewellery piece.

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Our Community

Along with our sustainable philosophy, we will always be Australian made and we proudly stand behind Australian jewellery craftsmanship. We believe craftsmanship is at the forefront of luxury. We will always support creative industries and demonstrate an investment in our local economy. We will always create new ways of thinking and doing things differently and will support those who do the same, with the intention of bettering our community socially, culturally and environmentally.

At LeiL, we believe purchasing a sustainable and ethical jewellery piece or diamond with us is an experience that starts from within. We value strong relationships with you and also the people behind our brand. We know that care and kindness go around full circle, so we focus on business practices that support our customers and cultivate our community.

Our Transparency

We believe in the purity of truth. We are pioneers for driving change by committing to transparency within our industry.

At LeiL, we want to empower you by committing to total clarity in all our communications, whether we’re talking about our sustainable jewellery range, our ethical production processes and everything in between.

We also value transparency in manufacturing and seek to give you complete knowledge of our process when developing your sustainable jewellery design. We have carefully crafted a method of manufacturing that prioritises technical precision and quality in a timely manner, so we can deliver the highest-quality ethical jewellery and lab-grown diamonds at an accessible cost for our valued customers.

Our Technology

We seek to pioneer new age processes and harness technology to achieve exceptional quality to lead us towards sustainable, eco-friendly jewellery and diamond ring practices. We’re fearlessly progressive, and we’re constantly in search of emerging ideas, including our technology.

At LeiL, apart from our on our ongiong efforts towards adopting eco friendly and sustainable jewellery processes, we are not yet fully sustainable. By focusing on high-quality products, reducing hyper consumerism and supporting our jewellers and responsible supply chain, we hope to adopt processes based on better outcomes for all through emerging technologies.

We use an ethical and resonsible production method which involves harnessing technology in a way that allows for environmentally and socially-friendly processes while maintaining exceptional quality. We believe this will lead us towards becoming completely sustainable and eco-friendly.

We believe this is only the beginning. Technology should not be feared but should be embraced in a way that supports both the consumer, artisan and the processes behind designing and producing sustainable jewellery and diamonds in a socially and environmentally ethical way. LeiL will continue to embrace emrging and continual change that falls in line with these attributes.