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We believe in the elegance of simplicity, timeless and ethical jewellery designs.

Every component matters. Every component has its function. Every component has considered proportions.

Our ethically sourced jewellery designs

Each LeiL jewellery piece is not only a kinder option to our planet by being 100% ethical, but has carefully considered dimensions, symmetry and proportions backed by proven design principles and built to withstand a lifetime of wear.

Our inspiration is not one-dimensional but multidisciplinary. We aim to celebrate the intersection between architecture and sustainable jewellery and how this can inform designs and processes.

The intention of each sustainably produced jewellery piece is to reimagine the conventional idea of luxury by discarding the excess and celebrating materiality and structural integrity. We believe in the elegance of simplicity, timeless design and the beauty of form based on function.

We design not just to create a beautiful, ethical jewellery piece – but to complement the dynamic life lived around that product.

Our Process
Why Leil?
Placing Order
Choose ring style
Choose base materials:
- diamond shape
- metal
- band profile
Customize to suite your style: - band width - side diamonds
Choose diamond
Purchase ring
Consult with us via phone or face to face appointment at any time during the process
Receive your order
Place order for your diamond
If customised, draw your design using 3d modelling technology and supply you rendered images
Cast your ring in 2-3 parts
Parts are examined and cleaned by hand by our jewellers to ensure the crisp and refined finish of each piece
Assembled by hand by our jewellers through a uniform soldering + crafting process
Diamond is set by hand by our diamond setter
Plated and polished by our jeweller
Jewellery is packaged and shipped securely to you

Our jewellery design process

The jewellery industry often has a reputation for failing to provide clarity about the process of jewellery making. At LeiL, we aim to change that, empowering you with the knowledge to make decisions on your purchases with conviction.

Our sustainable, ethical production methods draw on a revival of forgotten knowledge. We fuse traditional methods with the latest advances in prefabricated technology including lab-grown and sustainably sourced diamonds. Our unique method harnesses both technology and handmade craftsmanship in a way that allows for exceptional technical precision, allowing us to create a range of ethically sourced, sustainable jewellery pieces.

At LeiL, we cast our jewellery in two to three prefabricated sections, after which is assembled, set with lab-grown diamonds or sustainably sourced gemstones, engraved and polished all by hand. LeiL’s unique blended technique produces high quality, sustainable jewellery of the same quality as handmade pieces, yet in a more precise and timely manner.

Our method harnesses technology, an ethical approach and handmade craftsmanship in a way that allows for exceptional technical precision but the delivery of beautiful, sustainable jewellery pieces.

What is one-piece cast jewellery?

Creating one-piece cast jewellery is a highly automated process. While this automated process is faster, it does not allow a jeweller the opportunity to properly clean the jewellery pieces before assembling, and does not allow for attention to minor details.

The result is the production of jewellery with an unrefined appearance, particularly in areas where jewellers won’t be able to clean, such as underneath the diamond within the setting. It’s these fine details that will result in a difference in quality.

One-piece cast jewellery cannot achieve the same unique look and high-quality finish that can be achieved with either blended techniques or fully handmade pieces.

Bespoke jewellery

We understand that some people want a truly unique design. Our blended process means we can create any design unique to you in its exact standards and dimensions. It means we can also provide you with the technology of previewing the design through CAD Images and even prototyping before creation

If you’d like to create a design for a special occasion or one that embodies your unique individuality, we’d be happy to help. Simply gather your design inspiration, let us know what ethical stones you’d like to use and contact us to arrange a consultation where we can discuss your design. After that, we’ll collaborate on your beautiful jewellery design until we have your approval and we’ll start crafting your jewellery piece.

Above all, we want to create your dream custom ethical jewellery piece that’s kinder to the planet along with ensuring your design is structurally sound so you can treasure it into the future.

Every minute detail of each of our custom pieces is an opportunity to build a design that is uniquely yours and make your jewellery dreams a reality.

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